| Afro B Drogba (Joanna) | Steven Pascua Choreography | #DrogbaChallenge

Steven Pascua

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INFO: ********** Class at Studio 68 Thursdays 6PM Thank you to all the amazing people who take my class :) Shoutout to HomeBros for creating the DrogbaChallenge Remember dance is about fun and positivity, you grow a lot quicker when you realise that Group 1 ~Me~ Group 2 DemssDakotaa Group 3 Evie Liverpool Kelsey Tabansi Pearl Leary Group 4 Kaela Owusu Kofi Mensah Keoni Hayles Group 5 Chaise Miller Lauren Halil Milan Cacacie Group 6 Yurca Latirana Khawla Boumeraze Group 7 Kash Powell Filmed by Josh Kinsella Facebook- Steven Pascua Instagram - Stevenpascua Twitter -Steven_pascua Email : Stevenpascua1994@hotmail.co.uk