Nightcore - Crazy Beautiful - (Lyrics)


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Thanks for listening ✪ Lyrics in the video ✪ Song: Crazy Beautiful ✪ Original Artist(s): Andy Grammer ✪ Anime: K-On ✪ Subscribe: ✪ Discord: ___ ✪ Andy Grammer: • Youtube: • Website: • Facebook: • Twitter: ✪ Original Video: • ___ ✪ Original Illustrator: ??? • If you are the artist of the picture, please tell me, so i can give you proper credit ♡ ___ There is absolutely no copyright infringement intended and all in this video (image, audio) is not owned by me, I simply mixed it together for entertainment ♫ Message for the Original creator of this song ♪ If you are the original artist and you dont want me to have your work uploaded on my channel, please contact me by my channel's email, send a message on youtube or comment in the section below. I will immediately remove it