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  • Release Date: 14 Apr 2017
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Memories...Do Not Open é o álbum de estreia da dupla norte-americana The Chainsmokers. Foi lançado em 7 de abril de 2017, através das gravadoras Disruptor Records e Columbia.
(Obs: Todos os direitos reservados aos The Chainsmokers e Cia)

00:00 The One
03:00 Break Up Every Night
06:28 Bloodstream
10:14 Don't Say (Feat. Emily Warren)
14:04 Something Just Like This (Feat. Coldplay)
18:12 My Type (Feat. Emily Warren)
21:51 It Won't Kill Ya (Feat. Louane)
25:30 Paris
29:27 Honest
32:41 Wake Up Alone (Feat. Jhené Aiko)
36:19 Young
40:05 Last Day Alive (Feat. Florida Georgia Line)
43:41 Closer (Feat. Halsey)
47:44 Don't Let me Down (Feat. Daya)
51:14 Roses (Feat. Rozes)

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