BTS Animation - Map of the Soul - Persona


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Hi! It’s 2019 so I thought I should try a new, updated style of BTS animation for this one 😊 I really hope you like it as I have worked hard on it since the release of the persona comeback. So… it’s been almost a year since my last upload. I have seen many nice comments worried about what happened to me – all it was is that I am in my final year at university so I decided not to post animations and concentrate solely on my university work. But now I have finished university so I have the time to upload videos yay! DO NOT RE-UPLOAD, OR CROP THIS VIDEO. I used Paint Tool SAI and Animate cc to create this ---------- Link to my Etsy account: Link to my Redbubble account: Link to my Instagram: Link to my twitter: ---------- DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the music or sounds used in this video. All rights go to their respective owners. The music in this video is for entertainment purposes only. I got most of the sounds from BTS songs or BTS clips from YouTube I own the copyright of the artwork, animation and the characters.