The Chainsmokers - EVERY SONG from Memories... Do Not Open - Mashup Cover (Justin Tyler)

Justin Tyler

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Hey guys! I LOVE the new Chainsmokers album, so I decided to take every single song and mash them together over the Paris instrumental. This took me a while, because I tried to piece it together so that the lyrics make sense, too. I hope you guys enjoy! Please remember to share if you do :) Follow me on Instagram for a TON of 1 minute covers! PS. The last song should say Last Day Alive, not Now Or Never. I was tired, okay?! This took all day! Haha Instagram: Facebook: Songs involved: 1. The One 2. Break Up Every Night 3. Bloodstream 4. Don't Say ft. Emily Warren 5. Something Just Like This (with Coldplay) 6. My Type ft. Emily Warren 7. It Won't Kill Ya ft. Louane 8. Paris 9. Honest 10. Wake Up Alone ft. Jhené Aiko 11. Young 12. Last Day Alive ft. Florida Georgia Line Gear: Mic: Neumann u87 Pre: Avalon 737vt Interface: Apollo Twin Duo Loop: TC-Helicon