Blake Shelton’s New Song “God’s Country” Brings Him Back to His Roots

Taste of Country

  • Release Date: 28 Mar 2019
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#BlakeShelton #new single #GodsCountry is the first single off an upcoming project. Who is ready for new Blake Shelton music?! "God's Country" was written by Taste of Country RISER #DevinDawson, and fellow up-and-comer #Hardy. It's a heavy song with a heartfelt lyric, and Shelton says the meaning is up for interpretation. For him, God's Country is Oklahoma, where he was born, raised and still lives today. What's your God's Country?

Right outside of this one church town
There's a gold dirt road to a whole lot of nothing
Got a deed to the land but it ain't my ground
This is God's country

We pray for rain and thank Him when it's fallin'
'Cause it brings a grain and a little bit of money
We put it back in a plate, I guess that's why they call it
God's country

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