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FOREST LOVE, IS A MUST WATCH NIGERIAN MOVIES 2019 / LATEST NOLLYWOOD MOVIES 2019. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE FULL MOVIE Welcome to Ehis Agoba official YouTube Channel a filmmaker, movie director and producer and Home for all the Best Benin Movies and Nollywood Movies (In Edo Language) Ehis Agoba is a filmmaker, and we produce the best and Latest Nollywood Movies, Benin Movies as well as Benin Music videos and short comedy skits here in Benin City Edo State Nigeria. All our productions are shared here on our official channel. So, If this your first time here on my channel where have you been? you are missing a lot from our daily updates. Please subscribe here ► and tap the bell icon to turn on notifications for this channel and then you will be the first to catch all our latest updates. NOTE: If you enjoyed watching any of our contents please kindly use the share button to share it across your social networks and Yes we love feedback as well we want to know how we are doing so please leave your comment on the comment section below for each content.