Bill Burr - Quit DRINKING Alcohol Advice Reaction (BRUTALLY Honest)

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I PROMISE you that you ARE NOT missing out on much when you decide to not participate in all the "FUN" actIvities and limit how much alcohol you drink on a regular basis. Your 40 and 50 year old self will love you for the decisions you're making TODAY lol. Bill Burr - Quit DRINKING Alcohol Advice Reaction (BRUTALLY Honest): SUBSCRIBE ========================== It is not enough to just AVOID your addiction for a while. A change needs to happen in the way that you think and feel, as well as deconstructing associations you have created around this addiction and how you see it fit in your life, otherwise you can expect years of relapsing. Here lies the Truth Of Addiction FREE video and proven guide to finally live a better and healthier life. Eliminate your addiction problems and any issues you have with relapsing once and for all. Alcohol Free Forever. 7 Days to Drink Less gives drinkers the tools they need to address the internal issues that cause them to drink too much, while giving them the freedom to still enjoy the occasional drink on their own terms. =========================== In this video, you'll find hear someone calling into Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast asking for some advice on quitting alcohol. Here’s Bill Burr’s take on the subject and my own two cents on the REALITY of how alcohol impacts your life. If you’re feeling pressure to drink amongst your friends or social events then the biggest take away from this Bill Burr podcast clip was when he said “is there really peer pressure to die sooner?”. Hopefully it helps hearing other people’s story about their own relationship with alcohol. It should give you some peace in knowing you’re not the only one going through certain issues. Always ask yourself why you do what you do. Why do you drink? I just want to say Thank You to every single person that Views, Subscribes and Likes my videos (even Dislikes are appreciated). I'm beyond grateful that you take the time out of your day to watch what I produce. Enjoy this installment of EduTainment, Much Luv Latest Video • The Truth About Quitting Drinking Cold Turkey: Is It Safe Or Dangerous (No BullS!t) Make a donation via PayPal to make a video suggestion or ask me a question and guarantee a video is made on it. Or simply support my work by donating any amount equal to the level of entertainment or information you got from the video: SECRET LINK OF THE DAY US: UK: CA: ========================== Make sure not to miss a single video from Owolabby Azeez #OwolabbyAzeez! You should subscribe so we can take our friendship to the next level 😇💯 Click here to Subscribe!: Link me on my Socials • Instagram: @owolabbyazeez • SnapChat: @owolabbyazeez • Tweet me! @OwolabbyAzeez For Inquiries/Collaborations/Sponsorships contact: [email protected] Intro/Outro Song Credit: Background Music Credit: Yung Kooley =================== Bill Burr - Quit DRINKING Alcohol Advice Reaction (BRUTALLY Honest): SUBSCRIBE Disclaimers: All opinions are my own, sponsors are acknowledged. Links in the description are typically affiliate links that let you help support the channel at no extra cost to you.