Ric Ocasek: "Drive" (acoustic)

Donna Sweetpurplejune

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From VH1 Classic Studios' Hangin' With Ric Ocasek. December 4, 2005. For the full interview that accompanied this performance, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwO3-iKd9rk Rest in peace, Ric. March 23, 1944 ~ September 15, 2019 This video is being uploaded as a supplement for an article I wrote about The Cars. Because the purpose is to non-commercially educate and offer a critical assessment, it is being uploaded under the terms of Fair Use. No copyright infringement intended. Read more about Benjamin Orr and The Cars on my blog: https://sweetpurplejune.wordpress.com/ I've also started a blog dedicated to Elliot Easton. Visit here: https://ellioteastonblog.wordpress.com/