Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty

Avril Lavigne

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2014-04-23
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:18

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  • I love this

    By Avril fan4eva
    I love this video. I love the colors and her hair😍. And her outfit is amazing🍧
  • What did I just listen to?

    By adagiodazzle
    I normally love Avril's songs but this has to be the worst shes ever done. First of all there are NOT A SINGLE cat in the video at all. Second of all it sounds like a song a 8 year old girl wrote at a sleepover. What happened to the punk pop rocker we knew and loved. Must of Avril's fans are teenagers not kids! She needs to go back to writing songs like her previous ones.
  • LOL

  • Great!!!

    By Marissa_kk follow in insta
    Its very catchy I love it! 👌
  • To each their own

    By QueenOfPenguins
    I hated it at first because it's very reminiscent of obnoxious anime fans who try to insert Japanese words into their lingo as well as the fact it seemed a little (not much) racist and stupid. But, the beat is catchy, I love Avril Lavigne regardlessly, and it's all very fun. So, some may hate it, some may love it, and some are in-between. Worth looking at either way.
  • my eyes?

    By emi-doll
    i find this very offensive …. i mean what was she thinking, she is like 30.
  • Not racist

    By SirCrocodileMr0
    If she was Japanese with the same song and idea no one would say racist And the word you want is stereotypical not racist But even then it's not even stereotypes because I've never seen cupcakes, Lolita dress, suspenders , bright colors as being stereotypical to Japan Lolita dress is inspired from French style in the Victorian days Cupcakes? I don't know what country those hail from Sushi is the only thing I could call say stereotype but it isn't so bad of one Japanese eat sushi I eat sushi I'm Japanese/French mix face Also this video reminds me a lot of JPOP Japanese people are pretty wacky on film Don't hate
  • Seriously

    By Everyone who matters
    Seriously? I mean seriously? This is what passes for music now.
  • what is this?

    By Iamawiseone
    -.- just no
  • Awful

    By RonWeasleyIsApimp
    So bad

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