Christmas At Ground Zero

Christmas At Ground Zero

"Weird Al" Yankovic

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2003-04-28
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:01

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  • The only weird al song I give a mild review on

    By I'mADogBaDaDa
    Please don't use actual footage because in science and history class we learned what happened to people when the bomb went off and they were at ground zero...I watched the preview for the video and I started weeping
  • A Must for the Christmas Fun Playlist

    By Feryl
    Every year I make a playlist to play at parties and provide a variant to the standard Christmas fare every speaker seems to be playing. This song is always on my "Christmas Fun" playlist. As for those concerned with it being a messgae about this or that bombing, please check your history. It was 41 years after the Japanese bombings, not 20, and 15 years before the WTC bombings. This song is a lighthearted poke at the rediculous constant fears of the Cold War. If you can't laugh at life, why are you even listening to Weird Al?!
  • I see the point

    By Nibblesfan2000
    Well I love this video but some maybe be offended because it was released in2003 but written in 1986 many years before 911
  • Reviewing Pet Peeves

    By IstariNJ
    @Matthew Sardi, I'm not a grammar nazi but have you ever heard of using correct punctuation? You didn't use a single period except at the end. People if your having technical or downloading problems don't give the song/video a bad review. That only drags down it's overall score. As far as the video it's another Weird Al gem from the master of parody.
  • It won't let me downlode it

    By Colton Hodges
    It won't let me downlode it
  • weird al will always be one of the best....

    By Clara_Oswin_Oswald
    Honestly, Ive never responded to a review before, but ive listened to weird al for close to 10 years now and i think alot of his music and videos are great, sure, like any other artist he does have a track here and there i can say is not one of his best, but i can honestly say those who have listened to weird al as long as me, if you havent seen this video, like all of his other video work, its amazing, its pure fun and origional content.....i didnt read more than the 3 posts on the main screen prior to writing this review but if anyone thinks this is about 9/11, there is something wrong with this picture, weird al is crazy in terms of thinking of ways to make you and i laugh, but he would never joke around or make a video based off a day like 9/11.
  • One of his best

    By Longwing
    I bootlegged this off the radio years ago and pull the tape out every Christmas to raise my spirits. What a jolly sounding, creative, original song! You may not be happy that it is Christmastime with all the stress, fake commercialism, job layoffs, etc. But at least we aren't heading toward a nuclear holocaust and living in the fears of the '50' can be thankful for that.
  • Good Vid

    By realrocker456
    If you really think about it its kind of funny. and it does not relate in anyway to ground zero in 9/11 terms because- IT WAS WRITTEN IN 1985.
  • Funny song, Video luke warm...

    By ...been said before.
    The best line from this song is, "You might hear some reindeer on your roof top, or Jack Frost on your windowsill, but if someone's climbing down your chimney, you better load your gun and shoot to kill". LOL.

    By JazzicaMarie
    I abosolutely love this video!!!!!! It sums up the holiday spirit rather nicely I think!

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