Changes - Justin Bieber


Justin Bieber

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2020-02-14
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 17

  • ℗ 2020 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


Play Title Time Download
All Around Me 2:16  
Habitual 2:48  
Come Around Me 3:20  
Intentions (feat. Quavo) 3:32  
Yummy 3:28  
Available 3:15  
Forever (feat. Post Malone & C 3:39  
Running Over (feat. Lil Dicky) 2:59  
Take It Out On Me 2:58  
Second Emotion (feat. Travis S 3:22  
Get Me (feat. Kehlani) 3:05  
E.T.A. 2:56  
Changes 2:15  
Confirmation 2:50  
That's What Love Is 2:45  
At Least For Now 2:29  
Yummy 3:29  


  • Terrible Quality.

    By youknowthatimgreedyforlove
    Stream Rare Luv.
  • Thank you Justin.

    By corey003
    I haven’t got the chance to listen to the full album with all I am going through. What I have heard from this album is great. I’m an also a young male so I grew up seeing Justin and after all that he has gone through (good and bad) I’m AMAZED he still choosing to share his talent with the world. That’s gives me inspiration, your love for God is admirable. Continue being you!
  • Cringey

    By Apryla
    There’s nothing original here. Lazy phone it in approach. The whole album sound likes one long song. I’m guessing Yummy will be the song they choose to give airplay to but it’s so bad. There’s nothing on this album that is catchy. If he wanted to write a love song to his wife he could’ve done that in private and not subjected the whole world to it. He needs to sit back for awhile and enjoy married life and his millions and let others take the spotlight for awhile. He’s kind of done in my opinion. I doubt he will be putting out another hit album unless he gets divorced. It’s coming’s just a matter of time. The only purpose this album serves it to reiterate what Selena already knew...Justin was the unfaithful one in that relationship. She should be glad she dogged a bullet. Hailey gets him when he’s unattractive, washed up and depressed. That will get old after awhile. Ain’t nobody checkin for Justin Bieber no more.
  • Fire

    By zaahzay
    True icon
  • ❤️ when you can be anything .... it’s important to be nice

    By Games and more games
    If you can’t say anything nice and supportive, don’t say anything at all!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work JB
  • Expected more

    By Dr. phil is my dad
    As a kid I didn’t like Justin but over the years I grew to like him. Watched all his documentaries- listened to all his albums. I wasn’t a “belieber” but I def had respect for him and jammed to him on occasion. So when Justin announced a new album I was pretty excited. I sat down and listened to the whole album through twice- and I will say- it is garbage. I expected a lot more and the worst part is yummy is probably the only song that slaps on it. Idk if it’s because Justin took a break and he just needs to get warmed up again and find himself while also sounding and appealing to music now in 2020 but this just was not it. Songs were boring- lyrics sucked. Overall flop I will be following his music in the future and I have high hopes but this def threw me off and I expected a lot more.
  • 💜Changes on the go💜

    By HaniaBieber
    OMG never heard better before 🔥🔥🔥 Intentions⭐️ Come around me⭐️ Second emotion⭐️ Yummy⭐️ Forever⭐️
  • Good!

    By #beiberfever
    I think it is good I like yummy the beat is cool
  • Worst album ever

    By Wera20iti
    Seems like he had no real dedication to this album. Really sad.
  • Awful

    By Agahkaoafaaoaofs
    You can tell that he didn’t spend enough time making this album, it lacks in every department, disappointed but not surprised

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