Fear Inoculum - TOOL

Fear Inoculum


  • Genre: Metal
  • Release Date: 2019-08-30
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 10

  • ℗ 2019 Tool Dissectional, L.L.C./Volcano Entertainment II, L.L.C..


Play Title Time Download
Fear Inoculum 10:20  
Pneuma 11:53  
Litanie contre la Peur 2:14  
Invincible 12:44  
Legion Inoculant 3:09  
Descending 13:37  
Culling Voices 10:05  
Chocolate Chip Trip 4:48  
7empest 15:43  
Mockingbeat 2:05  


  • Grown-Up Tool

    By Whit277
    This is everything I would want out of Tool! As I have grown with them into my mature years, I have seen them evolve into a beautiful wine. Soft and inviting on the palate, then intense, distinct and in-your-face flavors that don’t disrupt but enhance each other into a silky smooth finish that make you want to return to the glass again and again! The other part is how they are still the same grape though, you still get to hear the same sounds we know and feel the same building intensity that hooked us in the beginning with them. Those flavors are just more spread out and defined much like you find in an older wine, not just a slap in the face and then a dry exhausted tongue... They are all about the music and I love that about them, sometimes I don’t feel their songs are long enough, every great bottle runs out! Thank you Tool for staying true and giving us a real taste of who you have become while in your oak cask! I just hope that there’s more than a taste and yet a whole bottle leftover down in the cellar for us before you do run empty!
  • I am SO Impressed by this album!

    By Patient Watcher
    Sure - it’s been a long wait - but Tool made the wait WORTH IT. Amazing guitar tones, awesome drum performances, and long “non-cookie-cutter” songs make this a MASTERPIECE.
  • Filler

    Onkly Tool fans tolerate a couple of good tracks and nothing else but filler material. It took 13 years for a bunch of filler. Tool fans are idiots.
  • Title

    By AfterW
  • Hell

    By B e n a v i d e s
  • A really solid album

    By Needles_kane
    This album is very well made. Everyone complaining about how this doesn't sound like Tool is probably the people who have only heard Sober or Schism on MTV back in the day and are expecting that kinda sound. Each song is very long, none are under 10 minutes. That may sound bad, but when you hear the songs and how well executed and calculated each note is in them you'll understand why they are as long as they are. All in all it's a really solid album and if you can get this cd at retail price I'd highly suggest it. if you can buy it digitally, buy it. it's a great album.
  • One word

    By Stegiand10
  • Meh

    By JamesOfApple
    It’s alright, I see why Tool fans love it and the sound of it certainly is unique for a rock band. I just don’t really like it. It’s a matter of taste and you may like it. Give it a listen on YouTube before you buy it though.
  • A classic!

    By c980w
    This album takes listening to a few times to really see it for what it truly is; one of the greatest albums ever recorded! I’ve listened to it repeatedly, and it’s a part of me like another layer of skin. Every song is special and different. I was recently on vacation listening to it every morning walking on the beach. It was a religious experience each morning!
  • 1 star because 0 not available

    By Inside Light
    Sounds like rehearsal room noodling. To have waited so long and get this load of garbage is a complete waste of everyone’s time. This is not “next level” or show any type of progression in their sound. It literally sounds like rejected scraps from 10,000 Days. I’ve tried...but this album just bores me.

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