2WAYMIRROR - Gabbie Hanna


Gabbie Hanna

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2019-05-31
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 13

  • ℗ 2019 Gabbie Hanna


Play Title Time Download
She Wrote It About You? 0:06  
Broken Girls 3:00  
Broken Boys 0:46  
Butterflies 3:08  
It's Not Okay What I Did 0:21  
Perfect Day (A True Story) 2:46  
This Isn't Fun For Me 0:01  
Pillowcase 2:45  
Exhausted 0:03  
Medicate 3:24  
Chances 0:14  
Goodbye, For Now 2:51  
I'm Sorry 0:14  


  • Amazing

    By Loveeveyone
    Love you Gabby I seen you in to escape the night and it was just amazing how you put all of your ex’s into a song. I am a big fan.
  • This album tells a STORY

    By AES0562
    People are complaining about the short clips and there only being 6 songs, but they aren’t seeing the big picture. Starting at “She Wrote that About You”, each song and audio clip goes through the end of Gabbie’s relationship. You can’t just listen to one of the random audio clips and go “tHiS iS tRAsH I dON’t gET iT”, you have to see the bigger, amazing picture.
  • The best

    By Frankie Piper
    This is some of the best work of Gabbie Hanna and I love this so much😁💕
  • Amazing

    By Xoxo gabbie hanna ❤️
    I’ve been watching Gabbie for a long time now and it’s amazing that she is coming out with all this music. I’m so proud of her and I can’t wait for more upcoming music.
  • Awful

    By kyle_the_killer
    I like Gabbie and her personality, and used to watch her on YouTube. I still have respect for her. But her singing makes me do nothing but cringe. I really don’t think singing is for her because I thought this EP and her vocals in itself were just terrible. Gabbie, don’t make more music.
  • This is amazing so get over yourself people

    By Tda97
    This EP is really amazing. It is a testament to her struggles and it really hit close to home!Her voice has improved so much! And price is not bad! There are 6 songs at a 1.25 and the whole thing is 7.99 so just a tiny bit more for the little transitions. That is a good price. So get over yourself people or stop complaining just because you can or you don’t like Gabbie. Either get it or don’t, that simple. This is beautiful music and better then crap I hear on the radio.
  • Love Gabbie and Her Music

    By ORH25
    A lot of people have complained about the mini auto recordings on the EP, but the fact that there is only 6 regular length songs is what makes it an EP and not a normal album. All the recordings just act as more context for the story that is being told and adds more emotion. The 6 songs that are on this EP are all amazing and I have been playing on repeat. They tell a story and Gabbie expresses so much emotion in her voice while still having technical skill. Which is amazing. She knocked it out of the park and I’m so proud. Love you Gabbie 🦋💗
  • Plz read!!!!

    By gusrenteriaa
    This !!!!!EP!!!! Is soo amazing! Best work yet. People are just finding ways to degrade an artist. If a big artist like Billie Eilish did an ep with 10 clips, it wouldn’t be a big deal. But Apparently Gabbie wanting to do this is a fricken crime. This is soo unfair to artist not just like Gabbie but many others. The internet will always find things to be hateful about, but nobody can take away the fact that Gabbie made the best songs she has ever made in her career using her special talents. And ya she is charging 1.29 for 10 second songs, but you don’t have to purchase it. Purchasing this is an option, you can stream it freely on other platforms. Gabbie has also stated that this is an “EP!!! Not an album!!” Everyone deserves a chance to show their special talents, it is really unfair to treat artist differently only bc of how famous they are.
  • beautiful her best work

    By tiriejmalpdjfndkapaofnfn
    anyone saying it’s not good can go f them self. she is an amazing singer doing this all by her self. i’m so proud of gabbie and this ep is fabulous. and don’t buy the 15 second clips then it says how long they are. just but the songs it’s a 25 cents less but you must love that
  • Um no

    By Elise Crismon
    I don’t like her voice


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